iTero 3D imaging is an incredible technology that gives you dependable results and superior fit.

This incredible space-age technology creates a digital model of your teeth. Gone are the days of goopy impression materials that used to make patients gag. The resulting digital image is also much more precise, leading to better fitting aligners and more predictable tooth movement.

Making Life Easy with iTero 3D Scanning

We offer iTero 3D imaging at our office which allows our patients to have their entire treatment plan processed and visualized in 3D space in just one visit.  Patients love this system as we don’t have to subject them to taking multiple impressions of their teeth with goopy impression making materials.

Accuracy and Comfort of 3D Scanning

3D scanning is also much more accurate than impressions.  This allows for better fitting of the custom manufactured aligners which ultimately contributes to a superior, more predictable result for the patient..