Balancing Cost
With Accuracy.

Orthodontists may cost a little more then general dentists but getting it right the first time is why you would choose to deal with an Orthodontist who is after all specially trained in this area of dentistry.

Especially in the area of Invisalign, which is widely marketed as a system available in both general dental offices as well as orthodontic practices. One should always consider before choosing a provider that orthodontics is more then just putting braces on. It’s also about predicting outcomes and leveraging specialty training to provide you with the beautiful results you expect and want.

Who is your

When choosing an orthodontist, remember that your provider is going to be treating you over a long period of time. Are you working with a dedicated provider or is there a large team of orthodontists working there? Are you working with the owner of the business or an associate who may leave the practice in time? At Palermo Orthodontics you will be personally seen by Dr. Rahimi who is the owner of the practice.

Braces, Invisalign
& Technology.

There are many orthodontic systems on the market today. Ask your orthodontist why they have elected to work with the system they are recommending for you. Each one has pro’s and con’s but in the case of Invisalign not every provider will offer you 3D scanning in your treatment preparation. We use 3D Scanning solutions in our office which provide patients with both accuracy of scanning, meaning fewer appointments and ultimately a better fitting aligner, and also enhanced comfort.