Heard of iTero 3D Scanning yet? We have it, and it could very well be the answer to your problem.

I have been practicing orthodontics for over 25 years. By far one of the most stressful procedures I’ve had to do is taking impressions (or models) on a severe gagger. There are many patients out there with a sensitive gag reflex; you know who you are, and you also know that having impressions done for orthodontics or mouth guards or any custom-fitted oral appliance is no picnic!

Back in dental school, our professors taught us tricks to help patients with gagging problems. They were not very effective. As we were ready to start seeing actual patients in the clinic (a very exciting time for dental students) I clearly remember a dear friend of mine, Dr. Geoffrey Newton (also a great Orthodontist in Etobicoke, ON), showing me an article he had dug up regarding techniques on how to take impressions on a severe gagger. He was chuckling as I was reading the article in front of him. He had already read it and knew the ending. After two pages of intense explanation and despite all these wonderful techniques he had used on this severe gagger, the gagger went on to “vomit copiously”. YIKES!

That was back in 1988, and Dr. Newton and I resigned ourselves to the fact that we would have to deal with gagging and vomiting patients for the rest of our careers! Fast-forward to today and science has brought us the most wonderful advancement. I’m not talking about the smart phone or the Internet, neither one of which existed back then. I’m talking about digital scanners; a wonderful piece of equipment that greatly reduces the need for impressions. I am still awed at what it can do, but in essence by taking a series of photos that the computer splices together, we can take virtual models of patients’ teeth without ever having to place that gooey impression material in their mouth. To me, and to all those severe gaggers, that is just plain AWESOME!

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful technology, go to www.itero.com to check out how it works. If you have wanted to have straight teeth with Invisalign or braces but were worried about the gooey impressions because you are a gagger, fear no more! Come and see us at Palermo Orthodontics and we’ll show you how we can give you the smile you’ve dreamed of without ever having to take an impression!

Happy Smiles,
Dr. Pourang Rahimi